John Milton

Biblical theology

514. 344. 1490.

John Milton was Associate Professor of Old Testament at the Faculty of Evangelical Theology in Montreal (2001-2010).

His specialties include: the Hebrew language; the history of Christian and Jewish biblical interpretation; the Pentateuch; the Historical Books; biblical poetry; Second Temple Judaism; and the influences of religious traditions on Western culture.

John is currently a PhD student at Trinity College, University of Bristol, England. The title of his doctoral thesis, under the direction of Prof. Craig Bartholomew, is “The Last Words of David in 2 Samuel 23:1-7”.

His published articles include “Ark,” “Book of Law,” “Brass Serpent,” “Death,” “Gog and Magog,” “Hannah,” “Hebrew Language,” “Massah & Meribah,” “Miriam,” “Shibboleth,” all of which appeared inThe Dictionary of the Bible and Western Culture: Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2012.

He also has administrative and academic experience as a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Bible Society, Director of the Tutor Program at Trinity College, Deerfield, USA, and a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, the National Association of Professors of Hebrew, and the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies. With his wife Diane, they have three children.


  • PhD student University of Bristol, England
  • M.Div. Trinity International University, USA
  • Certificate Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • B.A. (Judaic Studies) Concordia University