Courses: Fall 2022

The course schedule for the fall term is now available through the website of our partner, the Faculté de Théologie Évangélique. Please note the following dates:

  • Registration for the fall opens on August 8
  • Classes begin on September 6

A member of the Farel team, Jacques Boulet, will teach Introductory Greek I.

Here is the list of courses (titles translated to English):

  1. Pentateuch and Historical Books – Jean Maurais
  2. Conflict Resolution – Paul Millemann
  3. Introductory Greek I – Jacques Boulet
  4. Greek Readings from the New Testament – Philippe Bonicel
  5. Hebrew Readings from the Old Testament – Jean Maurais
  6. Church History I – Paul Millemann
  7. Preparation for Theological Studies – Jeanne Djaballah et Alaina Di Staulo-Garcia
  8. Methodology – Dan Timmer
  9. Christian Ethics – Amar Djaballah
  10. Theology of the New Testament – Dominique Angers
  11. Homiletics I – Dominique Angers
  12. Pastoral Ministry – Jean Zoellner et Franky Narcisse
  13. The Church and Missions – McTair Wall

To see the course schedule and the course descriptions, click here.

To see the course syllabi, click here.