Pastoral Training


FAREL | Institute of Reformed Theology does not offer accredited courses. We work as a team with the Faculté de Théologie Évangélique (FTÉ).

We therefore encourage candidates for the pastorate as well as members of Protestant Reformed churches wishing to pursue advanced studies to enroll in the FTÉ.

FAREL is a welcoming home for pastoral candidates and members of all churches, especially those of the Reformed churches. We want to encourage them to choose their course of study in consultation with the local council or synod that recommends them.

The director of FAREL | Institut de théologie réformée would be pleased to guide you in the choice of your course of study and to encourage you through regular meetings throughout your studies at the Faculty of Evangelical Theology of Montreal.

The BTh and MDiv programs are 90 credits each. There are a large number of mandatory courses to take. For pastoral candidates, a certain number of these courses will also be required by the synod of your church.

  • HB 7006 Biblical Hebrew I
  • HB 7007 Biblical Hebrew II
  • TP 7213 Christian Mission and Contemporary Society
  • EC 6023 Christian Education and Contemporary Society
  • TP 5123 Pastoral Theology
  • TH 6523 Doctrine of the Church
  • TH 7043 The Reformed Confessions of Faith
  • HE 5023 Medieval and Reformation History
  • TP 7203 Internship focused on the existing parish
  • TP 7233 Internship focused on establishing a new church
  • EB 5013 The Pentateuch
  • EB 6013 The Four Gospels
  • TH 6503 Introduction to Christian Theology
  • GR 6006A Greek Grammar of the New Testament I
  • EB 7163 Hermeneutics I
  • TH 7053 New Testament Theology
  • HE 5013 Church History I
  • GR 6006B Greek Grammar of the New Testament II
  • EB 5023 Kings and Prophets of the Old Testament
  • EB 6023 The Apostolic Era
  • TH 6513 Systematic Theology II
  • GR 7013 Greek New Testament Literature
  • EB 7103 New Testament Exegesis I
  • TH 7033 Theology of the Old Testament
  • TP 5013 Homiletics I
  • TP 6013 Homiletics II
  • TP 5133 Pastoral Education
  • CE 6013 Introduction to the pastoral counseling
  • TH 6013 Christian Ethics
  • TP 5123 Pastoral Ministry