Farel’s vision is to provide pastoral, spiritual and missional care for (1) future and current leaders (pastors, pastoral counselors, deacons) of new and existing churches and (2) Christians who want to better integrate their faith into the work and public realms in which they serve.

We want to promote:

The priority of the Gospel

The evangelical faith dates back to the beginning of Christianity in the first century, affirming the grace and truth of Jesus Christ as the heart of our existence, and honoring Jesus as the unique and sufficient redeemer of his people found among all cultures and languages of the world.

The urgency of the mission

Our focus is on the advancement of the gospel, the growth of the church through conversion, the establishment of new local churches, and the sustained engagement of Christians in all areas of culture.

The current state of the Protestant Reformation

We value both the historical richness and current relevance of the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century church, which renewed the doctrines and practices of the Apostolic Church, and we seek to live out these beliefs in a generous and warm manner.

The importance of pastoral care

We believe that consecrated church leaders (pastors, evangelists, teachers, pastoral counselors, deacons) are God’s gifts for the good of His Church, and that they especially need a heart of service, listening and presence with others.

The pursuit of excellence

We seek to maintain a high level of intellectual and pastoral excellence, while offering spiritual guidance sensitive to the needs of contemporary Christians.

The proclamation in French

We offer meetings, forums and conferences in French, at our locations, in local churches, and by videoconference.

Financial responsibility

Our fees are modest and we offer a limited number of scholarships, especially for pastoral ministry candidates recognized by their respective churches.