FAREL | Institut de théologie réformée serves all churches.

It provides pastoral, spiritual and missional training for (1) future and current leaders (pastors, pastoral counselors, deacons) of new and existing churches and (2) Christians who want to better integrate their faith into the work and public realms in which they serve.

Its denominational identity is Protestant Reformed.

Farel is named for Guillaume Farel (1489-1565), an evangelist, pastor and theologian who was committed to the advancement of the gospel in French-speaking Switzerland during the Protestant Reformation. The following quotes reveal something of the character and passion of this missionary pioneer:

“I do not promise you mountains of gold, but inexpressible trials and difficulties; no leisure, but work; no rest until the task is finished; no reward, except in the life to come…”

“I do not say these things to frighten you, but to stimulate you, just as a valiant warrior feels full of ardor for battle on learning that instead of being small and weak, the enemies are strong and numerous…”

“I address you as a soldier who is ready to go into battle and to conduct himself as a brave man, but relying on God alone to obtain strength and fame. For the battle is not ours, but the Lord’s.”