J. G. Zoellner

Pastoral theology


514. 831. 3138.

John Garnet (Jean) Zoellner has more than 35 years of pastoral experience in Quebec and was director of the Institut Farel (2015-2020). Previously, he was pastor of St-Jean Reformed Church in Montreal (1992-2015), academic coordinator of Farel (1989-1992) and pastor of the Beauce Reformed Church in St-Georges (1983-1989).

His particular specialties: homiletics, biblical foundations of mission, mission in the context of Western secularization, the Christian military, pastoral care in parishes, and leadership development in the local church.

He also served as a military chaplain in the Canadian Army Reserve from 1991 to 2015. His last position was as Deputy Chaplain of the Army Command (rank of Lieutenant Colonel). He is a member of the Order of Military Merit of Canada.

John has served on many church committees. Consecrated in 1983 by the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), he has been a member of the pastoral body of the Reformed Church of Quebec since 1988 and currently serves on the pastoral council of St. John’s Reformed Church in downtown Montreal. He and his wife Daryl are the parents of six children and seventeen grandchildren.


  • S.T.M. McGill University
  • M.A.R. Westminster Theological Seminary
  • B.A. University of Alberta