Why Give to Theological Education ?

Making disciples of all nations is, according to the Scriptures, a leading mission and ministry of Jesus Christ for his people. At Farel Institute of Reformed Theology, our motto – ‘’ Pray, Proclaim, Pastor ‘’ underscores our commitment to mission, but also, our belief that theological education is critically important for mission.

Why ? Because theological education promotes both excellence and perseverance in mission. These two (2) key reasons are why you should consider giving to theological education.

  1. Excellence. The church needs leaders who are well trained in Holy Scripture, mission, pastoral care, Christian doctrine, and church history. And the church needs thoughtful and practical men and women who integrate their life as disciples of Jesus into their work and calling in all areas of society.  Excellent theological education produces mature, informed Christian leadership in both the local church and in the workplace. 
  • Perseverance. The church needs leaders who are resilient and courageous, particularly through challenging and difficult moments. And the church needs determined men and women able to live for Jesus in the public sphere, even when it is not popular to do so. Theological education – whether through a degree or continuing education – produces resilient convictions and practices needed to sustain mission for a lifetime and to provide continuity for future generations.

Giving to theological education often takes two forms: (1) specific giving for concrete projects; and (2) general giving for on-going operational expenses. We need both kinds of support and we will always will.

Therefore, please consider giving to Farel Institute of Reformed Theology. We would be pleased to talk with you about the different kinds of gifts you might consider making.

You may give here: https://www.simplyk.io/donation/5e6d4fd46fca400029b644ea/lang/fr

One of the most accessible, effective and economical ways to invest in French-speaking Christian mission in Québec is by supporting Farel.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this request.

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